What does this club offer?

Children's yoga gives children more flexibility, mobility, better posture, improved coordination and a sense of balance. Yoga develops creativity, imagination, and concentration in our little ones and helps the child to better self-knowledge, relieves the feeling of tension and stress and teaches concentration.

When practicing yoga, we start from the natural movements of animals in nature, which children enthusiastically try to imitate. Performing these positions supports healthy body development, correct posture.

We use various aids to which children respond well - pictures - photographs of positions (e.g. when practicing the tree position, we show a picture of a tree and then "transform" into it). We use a set of many photos to practice on. Children see the picture and put themselves in yoga positions. We motivate children with fairy tales, stories and poems. We read the story and include individual pre-selected asanas (yoga positions) and practice them, the children then listen to the continuation of the story, fairy tales. When presenting the animals, we let the children express themselves vocally.


What awaits the children in the club...

  • children get a stronger and healthier body, learn the correct posture
  • breathing techniques in which children learn relaxation
  • improvement of coordination, balance, graceful body movements
  • better concentration, perception and mastery of the body, better handling of stressful situations
  • development of fantasy and imagination
  • teaches respect for oneself and the environment, positively shapes character traits
  • an excellent complement to other competitive sports

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