Fun education is our primary goal

Our program is a long-term follow-up educational process where special methods, qualified teachers, native speakers and modern techniques are introduced, always and only with an interest in the child. We prepare educational activities in such a way that they take place within the scope of the individual needs of the children.

English in Education

We have created a unique concept of teaching the English language at a very high level. Special methods where children naturally communicate in English, but at the same time develop in their native language. A team of native speakers is with the children throughout the day. The natural alternation of the Czech and English teacher during the activities is a great advantage, the children develop communication in both languages at the same time.

All fulfilment of the goals of the educational program is conducted in Czech and a foreign language. The child is in the bilingual environment of a native speaker school throughout the day.


Educational content

The educational content is developed into five integrated blocks, which are further expanded in the range of activities, which are always described in our current annual plan for a specific school year. These circuits are completed in Czech and English. Integrated blocks aim across the entire educational spectrum. At the same time, they are uniform for all age groups.

  • We help older and younger friends
  • Small town and village, I know where every street is
  • Hundred-spired Prague
  • We like kindergarten
  • I will choose a profession
  • We are great friends
  • I like vitamins, I'm a big healthy friend
  • We will be rescuers
  • In the world of technology
  • Abracadabra We are scared
  • Autumn man is coming
  • Animals in the forest
  • Welcome, winter
  • We wake up animals and flowers
  • My little body
  • Devil and Nicholas from Heaven's Gate
  • Christmas, Christmas is coming
  • We three kings will come
  • New Year's Eve and New Year
  • Carnival parade, masks will be everywhere
  • Easter feast
  • Family
  • Colors, colors, crayons
  • All the children of the world
  • Means of transport
  • I protect you, planet
  • Sea, beaches, swimming,
  • A space adventure
  • From tale to fairy-tale


We take care of children's health and development

Speech therapy

We develop speech

At the beginning of the school year, our clinical speech therapist performs a speech therapy examination (screening). Each parent will receive a report from a clinical speech therapist, where they will learn all the important information about the child in connection with speech development.

Subsequently, our worker, who is a speech therapy assistant, works with the child until the next screening, according to the report. It is about the orometer skills of speakers, breathing exercises and deriving individual sounds are performed.

We think of health of our children

the salt caves

With the children, we go regularly 1 to 2 times a week to the salt cave. Procedures in the salt cave are recommended not only for people with health problems, but also for healthy individuals.

A regular stay in a salt cave acts as prevention or supportive treatment for many problems. For example, respiratory diseases, allergies, immune disorders, prevention of colds and flu and others. In the salt cave, children deliberately play with salt (like on sand), which naturally helps their health. The second part of the visit is devoted to breathing exercises.

All under one roof

Interests’ clubs

We offer a wide range of interesting activities that bring children extraordinary experiences. They develop children's personality in the area of creative, skilful and sports activities.

Interest groups and a professional approach to children have a very good effect on their development. Children who come to any club at a later age have no problem integrating into the team. We develop social intelligence in children, which is very much needed today. And most importantly, they are already developing their talent in the areas they are interested in.

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