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Our Matěj attends this kindergarten a few months in a year. As his parents, we are very satisfied with the choice :). Matej returns from kindergarten excited, which is very important for us. What we really appreciate about this kindergarten is the choice of attendance in the mobile application, always for the following week and the overall communication with the kindergarten management.

Since we are still traveling a lot, we are sometimes demanding, but everyone always tries to accommodate us as much as possible. I would simply say that nothing in this preschool/nursery is a problem and everything can be negotiated.

Jakub Voráček and Markéta Beranová
NHL hockey player with girlfriend

The choice of kindergarten was a topic that we dealt with for quite a long time. We wanted the very best for our children - individual approach, flexibility, great teachers and, above all, English-speaking teachers, so that our children learn a second language naturally.

That's all we found in Trojská labuta, where our older daughter Emilka first went and when Mareček was one and a half years old, he started going to the nursery a few times a week because he loves the children's group.

This kindergarten is a great partner for us in raising our children. It's great to see that they learn so many things in kindergarten that we can't teach them.

Karolina Gudasová Neuwirthová and Michal Neuwirth
Actress and singer, hockey player

We considered choosing a kindergarten for our son as a very important step in our lives. We were therefore willing and determined to devote time and energy to this choice, not to rush anything and consider everything carefully. The Trojska Labut was the first to catch our attention. After about a 20-minute tour and another half-hour interview with the kindergarten management, we applied for a place for our son for next year :-)... as they say in the advertisement on Kofola: if you love her, there is nothing to solve....:-) that's how the kindergarten caught our attention, it was such a simple decision and it's just as simple and joyful for Samuel to visit the Trojska Labut Kindergarten

We want to make Sam a proper boy and later a man, guide him properly, develop and shape his personality. We see the kindergarten as an important partner in all of this. We are very happy that he can move in an environment that is inspiring, full of positive atmosphere, and that tries to show children, in our eyes, the right values of life!

Bořek Dočkal and Kamila Dočkalová
AC Sparta football player with his wife

Dear parents, if you are faced with a very important decision, which is undoubtedly the choice of a kindergarten, perhaps these lines will help you. Our son attends the Trojska Labut from the nursery. He is now in kindergarten and there is nothing I can fault the preschool and the people in it over the years. Right the opposite.

I really appreciate that they educate and develop children through play. I welcome the individual approach, useful advice for parents and, last but not least, the presence of native speakers. Conversation in English is not a problem for children. What I would give for that in my childhood :-)

Our son will start school in a year. I am sure that thanks to the preparation at Trojská kindergarten, it will be a smooth change for him, and I also know exactly where our second-born son's steps will Trojská Labut

Alexandra Mynářová
TV News moderator

We consider the Prague part of Troja to be one of the nicest places to live in Prague. We chose to live here not only because of the greenery and peace, but since we have a small son, we were also looking for a suitable kindergarten, and the Trojska Labut amazed us!

Professional and at the same time friendly attitude of everyone! A non-violent educational program, an individual approach to all the children, full of experiences every day, and in addition, the children have created friendships with each other and the teachers, which I hope will last, because she is going to school, for which the preschoolers are perfectly prepared in the kindergarten and they help us parents with all questions. There is no better feeling for a parent than when their child is happy. Trojan Swan has our absolute trust and we owe everyone a big thank you.

Jiří Novotný and Zuzana Novotná
Hockey player of the KHL, NHL and European leagues

Although I myself do not have day-to-day experience with the kindergarten where my granddaughter Josefínka goes, the biggest reward for me is her enthusiastic explanation of how she likes it in kindergarten and what she and her friends do every day. I appreciate communication not only in Czech, but also in English with native speakers, thanks to which Josefínka can get along with other English-speaking children without any problems even on vacation.

Beáta Rajská
Fashion designer

We are very happy that the Trojská Labuť language school took us under its wing. Everyone who works here shows that they like children and the children like them. There is a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with lots of toys and English words :-).

Světlana Witowská

I would like to thank you very much for the time that was dedicated to our Sebík. Enthusiasm, playfulness, friendship and an excellent group of teachers. More schools like this.

Petr Cerha-Nasty
Moderator on radio Evropa 2

Průhonická Labuť brought me back to my childhood. I wanted to change things with my Sašenka and stay there instead of her. I think this is the best proof of how the kindergarten works. We had a great time here and will be sad.

Thank you for everything

Nela Boudová

Where would I start if I wanted to list everything why I am glad that we chose your kindergarten? I really appreciate the individual approach. Every child needs something different and you respect that. It was confirmed for us with the older son, as well as with the younger one who joined you recently.

The personal consultations you provide have also helped us a lot. Sometimes we need advice on something and your advice works. Meetings with other parents and teachers at social gatherings or other events at the kindergarten are also pleasant, where we have the opportunity to get to know each other a little better. Last but not least, we are very satisfied with the teaching of English, where you can see a big step forward in the children. Then I can't stop wondering what our older son understands and how he can put simple sentences together.

Mário Holek and his wife
Soccer player AC Sparta


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Trojská labuť preschool appealed to us right from the first visit with a pleasant individual approach to children, a positive atmosphere, a number of

interest groups with high-quality playful teaching of the English language, the interior of the kindergarten is also designed in such a way that the children feel as comfortable as possible.

We are very satisfied here and we are very happy that there is a preschool in the vicinity of our residence that fully meets our requirements.

Bohdan Ulihrach

I can recommend the Trojská Labut nursery school. My excellent personal experience speaks for itself! I have been looking for a suitable center for my daughter for a long time. Sophie is very sociable and lively, the presence of other children shows her very well. She started kindergarten at 23 months. Today Sophie is 26 months old and it's unbelievable how much progress she has made in those three months! All thanks to the excellent comprehensive care at the Trojská labuť nursery school. I am very happy about that, I can fully focus on my business knowing that Sophia is happy and safe at nursery.

Karla Součková

The absolute best Czech-English Kindergarten in the area and possibly in the whole of Prague. A unique approach to the child's needs, a professional yet friendly team, a wonderful environment, great teaching methods!

Hana Harris

Your care of speech is great. I like it very much that you also cooperate with our speech therapist and complement each other and one builds on the other. We did not even expect such comprehensive care. You have no competition.

Jana V.

„Our Elinka has been going to nursery since she was 1 year old, it was very difficult to bring her to you, because she is still very tiny and has never been without me. But my worry was useless. Elinka is looking forward to the nursery and you can see that she is happy. Thank you so much that at least when we can't be together, I know that she is safe and that she likes it in the nursery. Thank you :)"


„Every weekend our Pepík packs his backpack and shoes and runs to kindergarten. We have to explain to him every time that he doesn't go to kindergarten on the weekend. You are the best English kindergarten in all of Prague, I never thought that he would want to go to kindergarten even on the weekend. Thank you.“

Monika R.

I am very happy that we found the Trojská Labuť language school. Your individual care is incredible. I would really like to highlight your regular individual consultations, which are always very beneficial for me and my husband. A comprehensive assessment is always objective and realistic. The professional advice you give us is also very helpful. It helps us a lot in education. Thank you very much to all the aunts and uncles in the kindergarten.

Mrs. Mašková

On the weekend Patrik went golfing with his father and we couldn't believe our eyes. He plays like a pro. Your golf lessons with a coach are of a high standard. It's not just an activity to keep the kids entertained, but you're seriously teaching kids golf.


Your Kindergarten is truly unique. We were by the sea with our little one, and my husband and I couldn't help but be surprised when Daneček was able to buy ice cream by himself in English, to have fun with his new friends from England that he found on the beach. My husband and I are very happy that we chose your kindergarten. Thank you very much for the care you provide us.

S. Husiková

We would like to highlight your children's performance at the end of the school year. She was cute and memorable. I was proud of my Honzík. Is it great that your English teaching is unique and the children speak English, understand English and their native speaker accent that they have been exposed to ? It is unique.

Mandalová Š.

Thank you very much for the activities you offer the children. My Péta is always completely excited when he leaves kindergarten and we go home. At home, he still talks about how he rode horses while taking care of the kangaroos they have on the farm. Your activities are great.


We would like to thank you for organizing our Ája's birthday party. She was excited for a long time after that. She received a wonderful gift and to this day she can't forget how Winnie the Pooh came to congratulate her and danced with the amazing clown. Thank you for the care you give to the children.

Mrs. Masná

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