Children learn to communicate in English as well as in their mother tongue

The Czech-English kindergarten is a unique project of a very high level. We have created a rich concept and engaging teaching methods where children naturally communicate in English, but at the same time develop in their native language. The natural alternation of the Czech and English teacher during the activities is a great advantage, the children develop communication in both languages at the same time.

Modern way of teaching

We use the most modern and effective methods of teaching English in a captivating environment, taking into account an individual approach to the personality of each child.

A great benefit for children is that they come into contact with several languages from an early age. We provide a kind environment, in small groups of children. In the English language, we mainly pay attention to a rich vocabulary, so that the child is never afraid to speak a foreign language, is able to express himself even in more complex word combinations, and is also able to converse on common topics and comment on the events around him. At the same time, in our native language, we also pay attention to the correct pronunciation and formation of words and sentences, which is ensured by our school speech therapist thanks to our speech therapy prevention and follow-up care.

As part of the kindergarten, we offer a wide range of interest groups that develop children in terms of movement, creativity and music.


From the Czech-English nursery school, children go to primary school

  • Above-standard prepared for school desks, thanks to a high-quality preschool program
  • Naturally communicative in two languages, thanks to the bilingual environment in which the child developed linguistically
  • With correct pronunciation in mother tongue and English, thanks to speech therapy care and native speakers
  • With great insight into a variety of skills, thanks to our exclusive interest circles.

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