Teaching is conducted by a native English speaker

The concept of education and English language teaching in our kindergartens focuses on the development of children's potential, talent and talent.

Each class with a maximum number of 8 children is led by a native speaker, specially selected for the given topic or group. The educational goal is to induce a foreign language environment that children will perceive as their natural environment. All teaching is conducted only in the English language with English native speakers who have a pedagogical background. English language teachers have certificates authorizing them to teach a foreign language to children of preschool age.

Work in small groups

Children work in small groups only with a native speaker according to the given educational units, which are tailor-made. We carry out activities only in English, so children learn a foreign language in a non-violent way with the help of music, songs, rhymes and games.

Only native speakers are with the children during walks, trips, events, free play, and time in the garden. We motivate children so that they are fascinated by new stimuli and experience many experiences. Thanks to this, they accept the foreign language environment easily and as something common. In the kindergarten, we have native speakers with many years of experience with children of preschool age.


Children leave English kindergarten for primary school

  • With a wide range of skills, thanks to our preschool program and exclusive interest groups
  • Fully speaking, they perceive the English language as their own (together with Czech), so they think in English
  • They have a natural accent of a native speaker
  • They use the English language in everyday life, understand everything, express themselves fully and are not afraid to speak English.

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