We provide children with an environment where they can develop their individuality

Our Czech-English nursery allow a completely individual approach for each child. Nursery is for children from 12 months of age..

The teachers have a medical education (nurse, Red Cross certificate holder, etc.). Our goal is to create a family environment for children and to give everyone maximum attention and care.

English for the little ones

Regular contact with a native English speaker is also important, which gradually prepares the child for future communication in the English language. We see the participation of a voice pedagogue who works in our kindergarten and helps prevent the development of voice and phoniatric disorders in children as a big bonus. His work is then continued by the school's speech therapist when the child enters kindergarten.

In the nursery, we create an environment in which children will feel natural and will improve the necessary skills with regard to their individuality, thanks to a high-quality educational program created for children of this age. English at an introductory level is part of nursery school attendance.


What awaits the children in the nursery

  • A loving environment with qualified staff and in small groups
  • From an early age, children are in contact with native speakers
  • We support the development of the child in terms of psychomotor, cognitive and social, appropriate for the child's age and individuality
  • We strive for the child's development in all aspects, we teach him basic hygiene and social habits
  • Contact with other children in a very small group
  • Healthy movement in the garden and quality food that takes into account the needs of the smallest children
  • Focus on overall development - sound games, songs, crafts, discovery island, movement activities, dances, English
  • Developing fine motor skills - grasping, painting, movement coordination, logic - puzzles, jigsaws, special toys

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