What does this club offer?

In the drama club, children will have a lot of fun playing various children's theatre plays. They learn a lot of nursery rhymes and fairy tales in a playful way. They will learn to speak clearly, to speak in front of others. The ring teaches children concentration, to assert themselves. Children learn cooperation with others and individuality at the same time.

Dramatic education falls under aesthetic education - in this education, we mainly work with roles. Even with children, we try to empathize with the roles. They were aware of their surroundings and the people living in them. During the circle, children become someone other than who they really are.

Dramatization of well-known Czech and world fairy tales. We leave reality at the door and enjoy a little drama.


What awaits the children in the club...

  • basics of drama - roles
  • group games against aggression, games to make new friends
  • games to strengthen relationships with the team
  • games for correct communication
  • correct pronunciation games
  • know and be able to tell different stories
  • basic knowledge of pantomime
  • non-verbal and verbal communication
  • acquiring the skill of rhetoric and correct pronunciation

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